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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sonray Kulcar Version 2 Review

I have been using the Sonray Kulcar for about a year now, and I have to say I’m a huge fan. This handy little solar-powered fan works incredibly hard to cool down your car and prevent toxic emissions from the plastics in your car that are released in the heat. I live in Florida where the sun hits us harder than any and this fan has helped tremendously with these heat problems. The best part in my humble opinion is the fact that it’s SOLAR POWERED! Not only is this product all-around good for the environment and yourself, but it is powered by the one thing you are trying to shut out from your vehicle: the sun! I have been all-around impressed with Sonray’s Kulcar. Let’s jump into the details!

What is it?
-A handy solar-powered fan that helps cool down your car and you. It provides an efficient and cost-friendly option to make the air in your car safer to breathe whilst cooling you down.
-The innovative company recently added two awesome additions to this product, making it even easier to use.
Kulcar Stopper
This is a small plastic clip-on to stop your Kulcar when it’s not needed. When it is needed, you simply move the clip to the side that doesn’t have the solar panels. It remains safely intact while you are driving. This tool prevents you from having to remove the Kulcar when you don’t currently want it on.
Kulcar Cover User
    This cover will prevent rain from seeping into your car while your Kulcar is attached to your window. It’s reusable too, all you have to do is re-attach the tape back on to the two sticky parts and you’re good to go! If you have visors installed, this tool is not necessary.

Does it work well?

Show me!
Where can I buy?!


Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having an excellent Easter Sunday! I'm excited for the relaunch of the Freebie Emporium with all my lovely readers. It's back and better than ever! The temporary blog while we were relaunching has been deleted, and I'm excited to be back. See you all soon. Happy Easter!!!


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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sonray Kulcar Solar Cooler Review

When I was asked to test out this product, I was pretty excited. I live in Florida, and trust me our cars get HOT! There's nothing worse than getting into a steamy car, not to mention all the possible fumes emitted from plastics under high heat. It's pretty scary thinking about the possible toxins being admitted into the air. So I tried the Kulcar solar car cooler, and I loved it! I was pretty skeptical when I first attached it to my window, but it worked quickly and effectively. Kulcar is not only a well-made product, but it worked so much better than I would have ever imagined. My favorite part of it is the fact it is solar powered. Solar  powered objects are so energy efficient and save money and labor. There's no starting or stopping to it, it is powered by the one thing you are trying to decrease the harmful effects of- the sun! I thought that was so innovative and smart. Here's what my solar powered car cooler (Kulcar) looked like in the box. I thought the appearance was really nice and pleasing to the eye.

  The minute I took it outside, the fan started moving! It was very efficient. I put it in our truck, because it heats up quicker than our other car. The set up was very easy and it looks really nice and sleek on the window. All I had to do was roll down the window, cut the black bands to fit the window, and attach the bands and the Kulcar to the window! All done! Even though I attached them in the morning, the fans were working the entire time I was attaching them to the window! I was very surprised at how fast and powerful the fans are.

The solar panel

How it looks from the inside of our truck.
A video on the powerful fans

After 2 minutes with Kulcar running

Overall, I loved this product and I highly recommend it. It can really help cool down your car and help prevent breathing in toxic chemicals. Buy it in America here:
This product was provided by Sonray to me. All opinions expressed are my own.